Regional Dialogues with Women and Girls

From November 2010 to July 2011 UNHCR’s Gender Equality Unit, in collaboration with implementing partner The Centre for Refugee Research, will embark on an exciting mission to consult over 500 refugee and displaced women in South Asia, the Americas and southern Africa. Women will tell us (and you!) which issues are most relevant to their lives and communities. They will meet with staff from UNHCR, other UN agencies and NGOs in order to let them know what problems they face and what solutions are needed to address these problems.

This page, over the coming months, will provide updates on the missions, individual stories and testimonies from refugee, IDP and stateless women and girls, as well as some inside stories from our staff on the road.

You can also follow the Regional Dialogues on Twitter: (@refugeewomen)



  1. My name’is Bilane and i am working to Sexual ans Gender Based Violence on a refugee camp.
    With practic idea how can we stop the violence against woman and girl.
    What can we do for our victim of SGBV to help those woman and girl.

  2. Also for this campaign 16 Days, can we share document for the visibility for those days.

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