About This Blog

This blog was created to document UNHCR’s 2009 evaluation of the organization’s Age, Gender and Diversity Mainstreaming strategy and to encourage thinking, dialogue and action around the challenges and rewards of AGDM within UNHCR and beyond. You’ll find the mission, methodology and the milestones of our evaluation as well as posts about films, audio, books, paintings, programs, partners, news, op-eds… anything that helps add to our greater understanding of AGDM.  We encourage feedback and contributions from our partners and friends and look forward to the conversation. Views expressed here are not the official stance of UNHCR.



  1. we are a registered NGO working in Pakistan, with expanding fields of Gender mainstreaming, human traficking along with other relief and rehab projects.

    your blog will provide us access to much needed data and research work done in this field under the overall auspices of UN.

    thanks in advance

    • Thank you for your feedback! Please keep us informed on news from your end. We are interested in what people are working on. It helps us navigate these issues and develop a web of working relationships.

      All Best,

  2. The exchange of best practices within these networks can also increase the number of youth involved. ,

    • Thank you for your comment. I agree – it is important to bring the youth in when trying to change practices. I share this blog often with a university class I teach on violence against women.

  3. Hello,

    It’s great finding you and reading your blog. It’s impressive and informative! This is wonderful initiative on how we can create a platform on a fair public debate on the protracted refugee situations and advocating on their Human rights towards enhancing a dignified society!


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