Posted by: Ana Monroy | April 17, 2013

International Women’s Day 2013

Nairobi, Kenya. The Gender Based Violence working group under the urban refugee protection network, organized the International Women Day celebrations which were held on 15th March 2013.

Urban Refugee women consist of 49.5 % of the refugee population registered in Nairobi. Persons of concern to UNHCR are mainly from Somalia, DRC, Ethiopia, Eritrea and the Great Lakes countries.

Women refugees in Kenya are exposed to GBV due to various factors including socio-economic status of the refugee women, substance abuse by alleged perpetrators, lack of reporting of GBV, as well as harmful cultural norms amongst the refugee communities.

The event was organized in order to educate refugee women on the need to report gender based violence incidences taking place in their areas of residence, as well as highlight the legal aspects of GBV response in terms of facilitation of access to justice for GBV survivors.

The event focused on the UN theme, “A promise is a promise; time to end violence against women”. Partners under the GBV working group of the URBAN REFUGEE PROTECTION NETWORK mobilized refugee women from different Nationalities residing in different areas of Nairobi to conduct training on the importance of timely reporting of GBV incidences, and the legal channels of follow up of GBV cases in prosecution of alleged perpetrators of violence against women.


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