Posted by: Ana Monroy | March 8, 2013

International Women’s Day 2013

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A promise is a promise: Time for action to end violence against women is the 2013 United Nations theme for International Women’s Day. This is very fitting for UNHCR, given the heightened emphasis we are placing on preventing and responding to sexual and gender-based violence against women, men, girls and boys, and improving access to justice for survivors. A good example of this struggle is the recently-launched SGBV e-learning. Only during the 16 Days of Activism 2012, 660 staff members from 144 offices around the world completed at least the first two modules of the new e-Learning!

This year the Gender Equality Unit prepared an exhibit in UNHCR HQ in Geneva presenting some inspiring examples of work undertaken by colleagues around the world to promote gender equality and protect the rights of women and girls, with a particular focus on preventing and responding to SGBV. These cover a range of initiatives, from providing psychological counseling to SGBV survivors, to offering vocational training courses for women, to developing community task forces for the reporting and follow-up of SGBV cases, and to organizing sessions on prevention, testing and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

These good practices presented in the exhibit were collected last year, and are available on UNHCR Refworld. All colleagues are strongly encouraged to continue sharing examples of UNHCR’s work in the field to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment with the Gender Equality Unit. The sharing of good practices is an important way of recognizing the excellent efforts of colleagues, and also provides a valuable source of inspiration and motivation for others.

You can check some inspiring field practices on:


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