Posted by: Ana Monroy | February 5, 2013

16 Days of Activism: Ottawa, Canada

Activities in UNHCR office in Ottawa


As part of the 2012 UNHCR awareness campaign against sexual and gender based violence, the Ottawa office partnered last year with the Immigrant Women Services Ottawa (IWSO), a local not for profit organization that provides settlement services to women immigrants and their families. The event that was organized on December 7, 2012 included the participation of other settlement agencies and their clients in Ottawa, as well as UNHCR staff and interns.


The event was inaugurated with welcoming words by representatives of IWSO and UNHCR followed by activities referring to the 2012 theme and refreshments.
Activities included: a wishing well where participants wrote a wish for the well-being of women, a mural to draw and/or write what they conceptualized as a home; and a paper chain with different meanings of this year’s theme. The art work was displayed at IWSO and their office was decorated with this year’s theme. The occasion ended with a warm gathering around food to share experiences and thoughts on the topic.



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