Posted by: Ana Monroy | January 15, 2013

16 Days of Activism in Zambia

A Child Friendly Message for the 16 Days

Gender Based Violence GBV is a reality not only for the perpetrators and the survivors often times the reality of GBV lives on the minds of children who bear witness. This is especially sad because children often times cannot express themselves as fully as adults. Children also cannot understand why it happens and how to get help.

In the year 2012 to mark the 16 days of activism against GBV many interventions were planned in the Mayukwayukwa refugee settlement among them was an art competition. Children aged between 12 and 16 were asked to participate in an art competition. The objective was to hear from the children what they think GBV is and how it affects them. The children were drawn from the Anti- GBV club that meets every Wednesday after school hours to stage drama performances and to talk about other GBV based issues.

Picture4 Picture5

The drawings tell the sad story of the helplessness children often feel as a result of GBV. The perpetrators are always depicted as larger in comparison and more powerful. It is hoped that such interventions will serve as an opening for discussions with the children on the GBV referral system, the options for accessing justice and counselling.



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