Posted by: Ana Monroy | January 11, 2013

16 Days of Activism 2012 in the field: Chad

Launching Ceremony in Tréguine Camp, Chad

As in many other UNHCR field offices around the world, November 26 was marked in Bredjing and Tréguine camps by the launching ceremonies of the 16 Days of Activism. Followed by the sound of drums that inspire many traditional dances, the ceremony in Tréguine camp took place in Place des Fêtes.

The opening remarks were pronounced by CNARR’s (National Commission for the Reception and the Reintegration of Refugees and Returnees) camp manager. Next, it was the camp president who spoke about the importance of the campaign which they celebrate enthusiastically every year. He closed his speech by stating that peace should be cultivated within each family of the camp.


CNARR’s Camp Manager


The President of Tréguine Camp leaders committee

HIA’s coordinator pronounced his speech based on the 16 Days of Activism theme and invited all participants to actively take part in the different programmes taking place in both camps as part of the campaign.

In his remarks, UNHCR representative stated that UNHCR and its partners take this opportunity to mark the beginning of the 16 Days of Activism annual fight against SGBV. While recalling the theme of the year From Peace in the home to Peace in the World, he highlighted that SGBV remains one of the major concerns of UNHCR’s High Commissionaire. The representative also reiterated the urgency and engagement of UNHCR in working in partnership with local and international actors in order to fight the level of worrying impunity that persists in the world. He concluded by thanking all those who devote their time tirelessly to improve the access to justice for victims of SGBV.


UNHCR Representative                           

 Closing speech

The sub-prefect of  Tréguine Camp during his closing speech of the ceremony


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