Posted by: Ana Monroy | December 5, 2012

Amplify their Voices! UNHCR Campaign Against SGBV in Latin America.

The campaign Amplify their voices was launched as part of the 16 Days of Activism Against SGBV and came out from the concept that when a woman is abused her self-esteem is lowered and so is her voice. For this reason, UNHCR decided to amplify their voices in all Latin America as sign of understanding and support.


The campaign comprises videos, radio spots, posters and T-shirts which will be spread out in the whole region. All the material is available in Spanish and Portuguese in the campaign’s website You can listen to real testimonies of women who have been victim of sexual violence in the armed conflict. The campaign invites people to listen and share testimonies on the different types of violence against women refugees and displaced.

To listen to two campaign testimonies subtitled in English please access:

(If the subtitles are not displayed automatically, press button “CC” in the YouTube player command bar and select “English”).


In the Americas, gender violence against women and girl refugees is alarming. In Colombia, approximately 16% of women in situations of displacement have been victims of sexual violence. In Ecuador, a country with the largest number of refugees in Latin America, 8 out of 10 women refugees are victims of violence

In this context, in partnership with government and civil society, UNHCR pays priority attention to women refugees and asylum seekers, trying to strengthen and reduce the risk of suffering from violence. In several countries in Latin America, UNHCR provides legal advice and services to accommodate victims of sexual violence, and promotes public policies and projects to give priority to women through the provision of microcredit.

Help us to amplify their voices! ACT, VISIT:


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