Posted by: unhcragd | January 4, 2011

That’s a Wrap! Final Shoot Day in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya

It’s with both relief and sadness that we wrap up our time here in Kakuma Refugee Camp in north west Kenya.  We’ve spent the past few weeks creating 5 short films which profile UNHCR’s commitments to refugee women to improve their lives.  During our time here we made a music video/documentary about leadership, a narrative film about domestic violence, a PSA about sanitary materials and two informative pieces about the importance of individual registration and access to food distribution.

Many thanks to our amazing crew from Filmaid International, the collaboration has been a true creative pleasure!  Tomorrow we travel back to Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, Virginia to edit throughout the spring and we will let you know on this blog when the films are finished in early summer!!

This video called “Ascent to the Perfect Establishing Shot” depicts the dedication and the bold attitudes and energy we’ve experienced in making this film. Thanks to director /producer Kate Ofwono, crew members Abech Deme, Moses Lujang, Scisa “Salad” Rumenge, and Steven Stauffer, and Filmaid International program manager Anthony Muteru.



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