Posted by: unhcragd | December 30, 2010

Kakuma 5 Commitments Films – FlourPower

Our project around UNHCR’s 5 commitments to refugee women continues in Kakuma Refugee camp as we shot the short film called “I Remember” today  about how destructive it can be when women do not have access to food distribution systems.  Photog Steven Stauffer caught this breathtaking image of our colleague Abech Deme at Kakuma’s food distribution center – and we just had to share.



  1. […] Refugee Films – Flour Power Oh my – we are getting some amazing images for our 5 Commitments films in Kakuma Refugee Camp in northwest Kenya.  Check out this beauty that photog Steven Stauffer captured during our food […]

  2. […] That’s a Wrap! Final Shoot Day in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya It’s with both relief and sadness that we wrap up our time here in Kakuma Refugee Camp in north west Kenya.  We’ve spent the past few weeks creating 5 short films which profile UNHCR’s commitments to refugee women to improve their lives.  During our time here we made a music video/documentary about leadership, a narrative film about domestic violence, a PSA about sanitary materials and two informative pieces about the importance of individual registration and access to food distribution. […]

  3. Regardless of whether this shot was carefully staged, it’s still stunning. I can’t wait to see how it fits into the film for impact.

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