Posted by: unhcragd | December 26, 2010

Leadership Film at Kakuma Refugee Camp

Sunrise Over Kakuma Production Crew

We’ve had our first few days of filming in Kakuma Refugee Camp in northwest Kenya. Click here for background on what our project is all about.  Today we shot a film about UNHCR’s commitment to provide leadership opportunities for refugee women. Director Kate Ofwono stars in this piece;  showing off her soccer/football skills.  Kate is a refugee from Uganda and learned to make films in the camp with Filmaid International.

The synopsis:  Kate wants to play football with the guys but is refused because they started their game before she arrived to the field.  Frustrated, she gathers her women friends to practice their game together.  The group then challenges the men to a match, the men readily accept and the entire group ends up having a great time.  The metaphor is that when women participate as leaders or collaborators both men and women benefit.

Kate’s original song “With My Girls” provides the soundtrack for the film.  You can check out her song here in a mixed media production on which we collaborated last year called “The Indian Thing.”

More to come from Kakuma – we’ll be here in production until January 5th.  Steven Stauffer shot and posted the video above.



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  2. “It Begins with Me. It Begins with You. It Begins with Us” this motto stands so far meaningful to its theme. its true that we can learn by many means of tech. also its ipmrising that pvp is giving birth to what is call “leadership films” and this is rising my notion that no matter where you are just begin what you want to do and pvp kept their motto “be creative, think big” now there we have our brother and sisiters the leader films. what amazing!!! folks keep it up.

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