Posted by: unhcragd | December 25, 2010

5 Commitments Films in Kakuma Refugee Camp

Kate, Anthony, Moses and Scisa on Location Scout

Merry Christmas from Kakuma Refugee Camp in north west Kenya!  We may sing some carols later but we’re excited because it’s our first day of filming for 5 short films which highlight UNHCR’s commitments to improve the life and livelihoods of refugee women.

In short those commitments include improved access to leadership positions, actions to stem domestic violence, a promise of swift individual registration, access to sanitary materials, and equitable food distribution.

Abech Will Star in the Food Distribution Film

I’m thrilled to be working with the very talented Catherine Anyango Ofwono – a young woman who is a filmmaker and a refugee from Uganda. Check out Kate’s autobiographical films about her life in the camp here and here. Kate learned a process of participatory video production from Filmaid International; a humanitarian aid organization that uses film and video to entertain and educate refugees around the world. Kate  will be directing the films.

Scisa Checks Out an Interview Location

I’m Paulette Moore – Executive Producer on the project and we’ve brought together a team from Eastern Mennonite University’s Visual and Communication Arts Department to support the Filmaid team on the project which will be finished in late spring. Anthony Muteru is Filmaid’s program manager from Kakuma. Team members also include Abech Deme, Moses Lujang, Scisa Rumenge, and Steven Stauffer.   We’ll be posting more as the days progress.  We’re feeling very merry about the whole project!

Moses Poses for Another Interview Location

Steven Contemplates a Scene



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