Posted by: maymaloney | October 18, 2010

UN Foundation’s ‘Girl Up Campaign’ Revisited

A great, and empowering image, that hits home about multiple layers of dicrimination that young women face in today's world

The 'Girls Up' don't Tell a Girl What She Can't Do Campaign

We have posted many times on the UN Foundation’s ‘Girl Up’ Campaign, and by gosh we will do it again. Check out the UN Foundation’s Blog for new ways to get girls in touch on a global scale and motivate young people to understand gender inequalities.

visit them again and again:



  1. Thanks for posting this – it looks like an initiative with a lot of potential! Hopefully they’ll extend it to also encourage boys to learn about gender inequalities. It’s also a pity that it is so North American focused…any idea if they are planning on expanding it to other parts of the world?

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