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The Women’s International Shared Experience Project


Sharing Experiences through film

UNHCR strives to ensure that the voices of women and girl’s are heard in all operations. Women’s participation in the decision-making that affects their lives, as well as in community representative bodies is particularly important to us and to transforming conflict. The WISE project is an ideal way to support and share the voices of women and girls and we applaud and encourage WISE’s initiative and progress.


In 1999, the World Bank conducted a survey amongst 60,000 people living on less than a dollar a day. When asked what they felt would make the greatest difference to their lives, the number one answer, above even food and shelter, was access to a voice.Women and girls are worst affected by poverty worldwide and yet are crucial participants in the successful development of their country. Women were therefore a vital target group to engage in this participatory video project within Asia Women remain under-paid, under-employed and under-educated. Women do however have more access to new technologies in the region than ever before and thus the proposed project, WISE, will facilitate the incorporation of these technologies into the lives of women, encouraging them to use this technology as a tool of communication and empowerment as well as using drama and video as a means of expression.

During the WISE project, local women affected by poverty will explore how to express themselves through film and the internet. WISE will work with women who have been sex workers, trafficked, ex-drug offenders or have been subject to physical, mental or sexual abuse in Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand and other Asian countries.

WISE supports an experienced female filmmaker and community worker to work with each women’s group to create films which highlight their heartfelt concerns and then enable them to harness the power of the internet to advocate for their rights.

Women participants will connect with national online networks to share experiences and support. The women’s groups will also learn how to use international websites such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to attract attention and support from the international community. This aspect of the project gives us the means to not only develop awareness and models of change on a local level, but also in a global community context.

WISE provides each women’s group with film and IT equipment to sustain the project after the project coordinator has left and so contribute to the long term empowerment and equality of women in Asia.

To visit the wise website, see here:



  1. Hi, I’m the WISE project director, Danielle Spencer.

    Glad to see that you are taking an interest in this project. Take a look at the WISE website:



    • Thanks Danielle,
      It is great to hear from you. I have placed the website up in the blogroll so that people can view more about your project. Great work,
      All the best,
      May Maloney.

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