Posted by: maymaloney | August 24, 2010

Menbie Dawit, UNHCR Technical Advisor (SGBV), publishes articles in Forced Migration Review

Forced Migration Review Issue 35

Article by Menbere Dawit for Forced Migration Review 

Menbie Dawit, UNHCR HQ’s Technical Advisor for Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) has had her terrific article on the Kakuma Syndicate Disabled Group published in the July edition of the Forced Migration Review. Menbie’s article highlights the obstacles to providing targeted action for disabled refugees in light of both funding and staffing cuts that took place in Kenya’s Kakuma Camp in 2007. Despite these obstacles, Menbie’s recounting of the ‘Kakuma’s First Raffle’ shows that community solidarity and innovative action can have far-reaching implications. The raffle that took place in Kakuma raised 97,035Ksh ($1,508) and the refugee community came together to decide which of the community’s disability needs would be addressed.

Thanks to Menbie for sharing this story.


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