Posted by: maymaloney | July 7, 2010

Sanitary pad project changes lives of DRC refugees in Uganda


Evelyne Banyamisa stripping papyrus reed to make Makapads

This year UNHCR has undertaken an in-depth analysis of the availability of sanitary items in its operations.  The Sanitary Material Survey – to be released later thi year – demonstrates that some highly innovtive projects in Uganda are changing the lives of refugees.

The Makapads project – set up in 2008 by a Makerere University professor, UNHCR and its implementing partners – has not only transformed the livelihoods of its employees, it has also made available sanitary pads for tens of thousands of refugees – most of them Congolese – living in settlements in south-western Uganda.

Makapads are locally produced santiary pads, made from papyrus reeds that grow throughout Uganda. The reeds are pulped together with paper and turned into simple, effective and affordable sanitary items.

Hopebuilding recently published this profile on the Makapads Projects which you can read by following this link:


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