Posted by: unhcragd | December 18, 2009

Urban Refugee Protection in Urban Areas and Age, Gender, Diversity Mainstreaming

This today from Jeff Crisp, Head of UNHCR Evaluation and Policy Analysis Unit:

UNHCR has issued a new policy on refugee protection and solutions in urban areas which underlines the importance of Age, Gender and Diversity Mainstreaming (AGDM) in the organization’s work in cities around the world. According to the new policy, “this approach recognizes that the different groups to be found within any refugee population have varying interests, needs, capacities and vulnerabilities, and seeks to ensure that these are taken into full account in the design of UNHCR programmes. The Office will consequently strive to map and respond to the specific situation of groups such as women, children, older persons, unaccompanied and separated minors, as well as ethnic minorities.”

The policy goers on to state that “in urban settings, the AGDM approach may have some specific characteristics and implications. For example, while young refugee men are not normally considered to be particularly vulnerable, those who work illegally and in the informal sector of cities and towns may be at particular risk of detention, deportation, exploitative and hazardous employment. Refugee women and girls may also be threatened if steps are not taken to address the diminished role and self-esteem of men when they lose their role as family breadwinner.”

Click here to view the full paper titled “UNHCR Policy on Refugee Protection and Solutions in Urban Areas”.

Photo: UNHCR Zalmai


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