Posted by: unhcragd | December 3, 2009

Breaking Glass – Breaking the Violence

Jessica Buchanan and Medallio Green created The Glass Breaking Project to break the cycles of and silence about violence within relationships.  You write a message about what you want to “break” on a piece of glass, climb to the top of a ladder and smash the glass on the ground below.  It’s so visceral and satisfying!

I’m excited about this project because it is SUCH a great idea and because I witnessed these two dynamic young women hatch the concept in a Shenandoah University Women’s Studies class in Winchester, Virginia two years ago.   This is great activity for 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence which is ongoing from November 25 – December 10.

Jessica and Medallio are graduating and creating a non-profit company to take the show on the road.  Click here to contact these visionary young women.

Medallio Green and Jessica Buchanan - Founders of The Glass Breaking Project

Dr. Amy Sarch, Director of Shenandoah University Women's Studies Program



  1. Thank you so much for posting this blog, we really appreciate this. The Glass Breaking Project must be spread. We encourage everyone email us and check out our website.

    • Medillio – Thank you!! There is so much energy around this project – it is inspiring in many ways. We appreciate your efforts and your example!! Keep us updated!

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