Posted by: unhcragd | November 30, 2009

Post Thanksgiving Thanks

We’ve just finished the Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S.  and while I spend much of my time fretting and ranting about gender injustice and all else that we need to fix,  I realized over the weekend that I’m thankful to also be surrounded by unexpected moments of inspiration.

My friends’ four-year-old son nicked his finger on a scissors while we worked on a Wizard of Oz art project together on Thanksgiving Day.  He stopped himself from crying at the wound, but made sure I understood:  “I’d still be brave, even if I did cry.”  he said.   “It would just mean I was taking a moment.”

A powerful statement and counter to society’s prevailing rules of masculinity which don’t allow signs of vulnerability in our men.  Think of  how President Obama has been trounced just for bowing to foreign leaders!  We bandaged his finger and finished the art project with me giving thanks that my friends teach their children well.


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