Posted by: unhcragd | November 16, 2009

The Good News About Women’s Rights

I often feel trounced by the barrage of discouraging news about women and our place in the world.  The writers over at Gender Across Borders recently posted a collection of good news in gender justice.  It was encouraging to me –  take a look at some excerpts:

In Kuwait, women may now procure passports without spousal approval. While this may not seem like such a large victory, government issued identification is not only necessary to travel but also proof of one’s citizenship. Without government issued identity, it is hard to prove you even exist, and women’s visibility is limited enough as it is.

South Africa is well on its way towards its 2015 goal of an equally male and female Parliament. They are now rated 3rd in the world for gender equal representation in Parliament, with women comprising 45% of the governing body. Rwanda and Sweden hold first and second place.

On September 30, after a trip to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Secretary of State Clinton introduced aResolution to the UN Security Council which was unanimously approved to delegate a special representative to focus solely on sexual violence in armed conflict. (See my post from July about women and war.)

In Saudi Arabia, the country’s lone female cartoonist is using her art to draw attention to gender inequality. Hana Hajjar’s work raises questions about commonly accepted discrimination, and her existence as a female cartoonist is an inspiration to other women considering the work.

Click here for the full post.


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