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Conversations for a Better World – Addressing SGBV


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You’re invited to take part in the online-conversation “Violence against
women: How can we overcome this persistent human rights violation?”

It’s available at Conversations   for  a  Better  World,   a  blog about the burning issues of
our  time,  especially  women,  health  and  development. It is open to the
public and is sponsored by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).
Throughout  November and December, the conversation topic focuses on issues
around  violence against women and intends to explore the many human rights
and  development  challenges.  We  are  looking  for strong opinion-pieces,
blog-posts,  case  studies,  best practices, stories from the field, report
findings,  and  testimonials.  The  online-conversation  is  wide-reaching,
highly participatory and an opportunity for groups and individuals to share
their perspectives.

Join the conversation
Please click here to  register.

Each  week   has a  different  theme related to the underlying
question:   “Violence   against  women:  How  can  we  overcome  this
persistent human rights violation?”
The  current  question: “How can community-led initiatives (including
men and boys initiatives/networks) reach women and girls experiencing
domestic  (physical,  psychological  and  sexual) violence within the
home? Can you share some examples of what has worked/not worked?
Every week, you will find a summary of the prior week’s response.

Because we are promoting Conversations for a Better World widely, it will
be a good opportunity to promote your ideas and your organization.

You may address all questions to Radha Patel at

We hope you are as excited as we are about bringing this important topic
into the forefront of the Internet.
Best regards,
Radha Patel.

About Conversations for a Better World
Conversations for a Better World is a blog about population, gender and
health issues. It is sponsored by the Media and Communications Branch of
the United Nations Population Fund. Unless otherwise attributed, the views
expressed herein are solely those of the author/bloggers and do not reflect
the views of UNFPA. The conversation on violence against women is co-hosted with WomenWatch.

WomenWatch is an electronic gateway to web-based information of all United
Nations entities’ work as well as the outcomes of the United Nations’
intergovernmental processes on the promotion of gender equality and women’s
empowerment.  The Gender Based Violence (GBV) conversations are part of a UN system-wide
series of online discussions dedicated to the 15-year review of the
implementation of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (1995)
and the outcome of the twenty-third special session of the General Assembly
(2000). It is hosted by WomenWatch, an inter-agency project of the United
Nations Inter-agency Network on Women and Gender Equality.

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