Posted by: unhcragd | November 12, 2009

Sad Ads on Nile Comedy TV

This from Muslimah Media Watch – on the new government sponsored comedy channel in Egypt.  The channel’s been playing two fake ads called “The Electronic Harrasser” which brought out deep frustrations of the author:

I’m so sick and tired of harassment. All Egyptian women are. As we’ve all mentioned more than once, a recent study by the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights (ECWR) told us that in a country where over 80% of the women are veiled, 83% of women are harassed. 62% of Egyptian men surveyed admitted to harassment. 60% of the respondents (male and female) said that scantily clad women are more likely to be harassed though in reality 72% of the women who said they’d been harassed were veiled.

It’s so rampant we cease to think of it as a crime. It’s not even called harassment, “taharoush”, but the very light-hearted term “mu’aksa,” teasing. It’s verbal and physical. Only 2% of women who are harassed report it. 53% of Egyptian men blame women for bringing it upon themselves. Egyptian law doesn’t even mention harassment.

So let’s make it worse by creating a “comedic” ad that makes light of  sexual harassment?! I’m not sure which would be worse: if this was an actual product or the fact that it’s supposed to be funny. The issue isalready considered trivial compared to other problems Egypt is suffering from–how is this ad supposed to be funny?

Click here for the full post and the translation of the ad above.

And click here for UNHCR’s upcoming 16 days of Activism to End Violence Against Women Agenda.


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