Posted by: unhcragd | November 12, 2009

Feminist Anime

I’m in the process of learning animation and composting – and will teach it next semester.   I shouldn’t be surprised at the animations I find online,  but alas, I am.  The world of animation takes violence against women to new heights.  Torture… rape… dismemberment all run rampant.  I’m thankful recently posted some feminist anime options to ponder. Here’s a link to Princess Knight and an excerpt about it from Feministing Community.

Created by the legendary Osamu Tezuka, Princess Knight tells the story of a young woman who must pretend to be male so she can inherit her father’s throne (which young women are not able to do). Sapphire has both a boy’s and a girl’s heart (which are, yes, blue and pink) and refuses to let her sidekick, an “angel in training,” remove the boy’s heart and “fix things.”

Here’s an article from about Revolutionary Girl Utena.  And an excerpt from Feministing…

The hero, Utena Tenjou, is a strong female protagonist with a realistic personality. Although she acts with undeniable nobility, she’s naïve and somewhat gullible–as you would expect for a junior high student. In an era where so many “strong” female characters are played up as brittle and bitter, it’s nice to see one who is unbroken, and who makes no apology–and suffers no punishment–for it.

Utena is perhaps my favorite tv show, animated or otherwise. The series is truly a feminist anime (and a manga, and a movie) which I found very enjoyable when I first read/viewed it, at age fourteen…and which I still enjoy watching, for completely different reasons, almost ten years later.


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