Posted by: unhcragd | November 2, 2009

Too Young to Fight

Today – a Child Soldier Relief special report on the laws that protect child soldiers and children in armed conflict.  The UN estimates there are 300,000 active child soldiers in the world.

On the run, often hungry and without shelter in a war-torn environment, an armed group, even a loosely structured one, offering food, security and housing, can be a refuge to a child.

Exacerbating the situation is the proliferation of small arms. Children no longer need serve only as porters and couriers. The lightweight nature and ease of operation of these weapons make them an ideal choice for arming a child.

Click here for the full report from Child Soldier Relief.

Click here for a report about U.N. Security Council Resolution 1882 on Children in Armed Conflict.

And here’s a trailer from Discover the Journey on child soldiers in Congo.

A friendship forged by war. A war that tore them apart. Two child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo are faced with a choice to wield peace instead of the gun. Can they?


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