Posted by: unhcragd | September 21, 2009

Working with Men for Women’s Rights

It’s tricky to talk of involving men in women’s rights.  Women needed a time to go off, find our voice, define our issues and push out the edges of our power.   But more and more it seems we are in a new era – where we need a new energy,  new dialogue and a strategy that involves men. It’s the only way to true culture change.

I’m excited about a blog out of Australia called the XY blog about men, masculinities and gender politics.  Its focus is men’s involvement in women’s rights.   The blog is coordinated and inspired by Dr. Michael Flood, a research fellow at LaTrobe University whose research is mainly focused on violence against women.  I like the participatory nature of the blog, Flood is wrangling some important resources and I look forward to the conversations that will come out of it.

Posted today is a very good document from Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) on why and how to work with men for women’s rights.   It’s a PDF from 2004 – but so relevant in setting up a base for moving forward.

It begins with you.  It begins with me.  It begins with us.

Click here for a link to a recent conference on engaging men and boys in stopping violence against women.


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