Posted by: unhcragd | September 9, 2009

Concern for Humanitarian Aid Workers

A rise in attacks and kidnappings has placed extra strain on aid workers who already have to deal with the stress of working in tough environments, Claire Colliard, the executive director of the Center for Humanitarian Psychology (CHP), said.

Reuters Alert Net has the full story.

And follows with a comprehensive news wrap of similar stories – and lots of resources to deal with PTSD, depression, trauma and other stress.

What do you think about these findings?  Will you share any stories that may be helpful to other humanitarian aid workers?



  1. Given a rise in attacks and kidnappings it makes sense that aid workers would experience even more intensified stress! Caregivers can be at risk of developing secondary post traumatic stress or compassion fatigue even under less demanding circumstances. I recently wrote an article about how we caregivers and activists deal with this to avoid burn out here:

    As a long time trauma therapist this subject is near to my heart.

    Thank you for the comprehensive information!

    Kathleen Young

    • Thank you for sharing this, Dr. Young! I will add your excellent presentation to our list of resources. I do appreciate the fact that you refer to trauma survivors – rather than victims – an appreciation of the resilience humans have to deal with traumatic events. Trauma is a focus of mine as well – recently received an MA in conflict transformation and trauma healing. As a filmmaker exploring how television and film aid in trauma healing. I will add your blog to my google reader!

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