Posted by: trudecdgecs | July 30, 2009

Study on Rape in South Africa

The South African Medical Research Council last month released a study conducted in two provinces that concluded that over 1/4 of men had committed rape.  The study used a survey method and also tested the men for HIV/AIDS.  It also found that 3% of respondents had forced a man or boy to have sex. Although this does not directly pertain to POC, the study uncovers interesting links between sexual violence and unprotected sex and provides new information about the rate that different types of rape were perpetrated. This study underscores the importance of working with men to transform the attitudes found in the survey to contribute to rape and violence.

The executive summary can be found here. Media coverage with interviews from researchers can be found, among other places, in the Mail and Guardian and BBC (including audio from BBC World Service).

In a powerful article, the BBC also profiled one of the men who admitted to rape in the survey who has since saught forgiveness from his victim:

I took a decision to go back to find the woman I raped.

I realised that the woman needed justice.

But also, I wanted to ask for forgiveness, now that I understood the effects and consequences for someone who has been raped.

The full story is in the article.



  1. to rape someone is worse than commiting muder, especially when you take someone’s virginity her whole life would come to a stand still she wont trust men anymore whenever she is with a man she’ll think about what happended back then. Nightmares, trust issues loneliness as well. To commit rape is thoughtless and selfish, because at that moment you dont think about what you doing you just want to satisfy yourself in 5 minutes or less, that 5 minutes is a life time for person you rape.

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