Posted by: unhcragd | July 20, 2009

Age Gender Discrimination Mainstreaming – Tell Us What Works/What Doesn’t

From Virginia Thomas – AGDM evaluator –

As the AGDM evaluation continues, the team is coming across more and more stories from UNHCR staff and NGO partners about their experiences with Participatory Assessment and a Multi-Functional teamwork. As the evaluation team travels to Colombia, Central Europe, Ethiopia and Afghanistan, we are collecting examples of good practices, adaptation and innovation based on UNHCR Participatory Assessment methodology. Please share your story with us and other readers!

Write to us about: What have you learned from working with PA in different setting – urban, rural, IDP, refugee, returnee and statelessness? What are the challenges and constraints and how have you worked to overcome them?

– How have you and your team adapted, modified and innovated based on the original AGDM tools and resources provided by UNHCR?

Let us hear from you. Documenting your experiences with ADGM begins here.

In these photos from our ongoing AGDM evaluation:

Victoria #2 HugDSCN2582

-The community of “Altos de la Florida” in Soacha, Colombia where IDPs are squatting on a steep hillside, without water or access to basic health and educational services. In Soacha the UNHCR team, initiated a “small protection project” to build multifunctional community centre and health post. Once the centre was built, the city of Soacha agreed to send a doctor once a week and a nurse several times a week.

Victoria #3 CU Circle DSCN2576

Victoria 4 3 people DSCN2581


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