Posted by: unhcragd | June 3, 2009

CounterQuo – Challenging Response to Sexual Violence


Here is a new U.S. website packed full of resources and information that aims to change the way the culture responds to sexual violence. 

From the website:

Criminal justice outcomes for sexual assault crimes remain static. Civil rights protections for rape survivors are virtually non-existent. Cultural representations of violence against women (in film, music, TV and the 24/7 world of the blogosphere) often treat as normal that which is harmful. Our public discourse about rape and abuse, largely driven by a series of high-profile cases, often blames victims for the damage that has been done to them.

CounterQuo began as a series of discussions between the Victim Rights Law Center and The Voices and Faces Project, discussions that considered how the rights and representations of sexual violence survivors are impacted by law, media and the public engagement of survivors. With the founding of CounterQuo, we seek to engage others in our conversation, one that has been characterized by respect, candor, inclusion and a willingness to challenge conventional wisdom (and one another).


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