Posted by: unhcragd | May 20, 2009

Women Immigrants Change America (and Themselves)

immigration mural 
New America Media this week released a historic poll on women immigrants to America that shows how the face of immigration is changing. A majority of immigrants are now women, mothers and workers, stewards of their households. Great that these polls are being done and interesting questions are being asked which illuminate the lives of women. Here are some excerpts:

-Among other findings the poll showed that their roles change within their households. The overwhelming majority—Latin American (81%), Chinese (71%), Vietnamese (68%), African (66%) and Arabic (53%)—said they had become more assertive at home and in public after coming to the United States.

-For Kelley, media coverage frames immigrants as criminals and is driven by “cable news networks on the right.” She also emphasized the uptick in hate groups during the last few years, having “immigrants in their eyeballs.”

Click here for the full story.


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