Posted by: trudecdgecs | May 19, 2009

Adolescent Girls’ Legal Defense Fund: a call for cases

Equality Now’s Adolescent Girls’ Legal Defense Fund (AGLDF) is seeking to identify and develop new cases, particularly in African common law countries.  In their call for cases AGLDF says:

the main goal of the AGLDF is to enhance legal protections for girls through establishing legal precedents in cases that exemplify severe, consequential and widespread abuses that violate girls’ human rights and threaten their safety at home, at school and in the community.

Equality Now uses the following criteria in considering new cases:

  • The prospects of obtaining redress or restitution for victims.
  • The possibility of shaping the development or enforcement of national legislation and enforcing the rule of law.
  • The possibility of highlighting an important and/or pervasive issue related to violation of rights of adolescent girls such as teacher rape in Zambia or rape and abduction in Ethiopia.
  • An assessment of involvement of local/grassroots groups on the case and/or the issue (e.g. existence of a coalition).
  • The possibility of setting a legal precedent. As such, priority will be given to countries with common law systems.


If you have any information about a potential case or for more information please contact Antonia Kirkland at or visit their website.


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