Posted by: unhcragd | April 6, 2009

Engaging Men and Boys in Achieving Gender Equality


This symposium was held in Brazil last week, but I think it is worth mentioning in its aftermath because it fits so closely with our goals at UNHCR of men and women united for gender equality. The sponsors include UN Agencies, WHO,International Planned Parenthood among many others. Great resources.

Here are the goals of the organizers:
-To increase involvement of men and boys in the promotion of gender equality and the reduction of violence against women by scaling up existing work.

-To build skills and capacity of NGOs committed to working with men and boys for gender equality.

-To promote dialogue between existing NGO efforts, policy makers and private sector.

-To highlight existing policies and best practices that can be reproduced to promote greater gender equality through the involvement of men and boys.

-To build, strengthen, and expand a growing international network of programs, activists and policy makers dedicated to engaging men and boys in gender equality.


  1. Hi Dr. Mapitigama – thank you for your response to our post. Please refer to the email in the post for any inquiries about the training. We are not the sponsors.

    All Best,

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